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Plate Bending Machine

Sell ​​Plate Bending MachineSell ​​Plate Bending Machine, used for bending or bending metal plates with certain angles, flattening and shearhing or cutting. This Press and Bending Machine is widely used in the iron and steel industry. PT. United Machinery Sell Plate Bending Machines that can be your solution for bending work using presses and prints (die). This process forms a plate placed on the die and is pressed by a press from above so that it gets a result of bending similar to the shape of a die. Generally the die is U, W, and there are also those that have other shapes as needed. So is the punch form that can be adjusted to the needs of the industry.Judging from the control system, we sell Plate Bending Machines which are divided into 3 methods, namely manual, numeric controller (NC), or semi and Computerized numerical controller (CNC). The things that need to be considered in choosing a press brake bending machine / Plate Bending Machine are as follows:1. Plate thickness to be bent or bent2. The length of the bending work or bending3. The width of the V opening used4. Tensile Strength of the material usedMachine tools with bending speed and the return of speed-Bend press brakes make the best choice to meet demand in today's competitive market. We Sell Speed-Bend Series Plate Bending Machines that offer production capacity two times faster than conventional CNC press brakes.
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