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Plasma Cutting Machine

Sell ​​Plasma Cutting MachineSelling Plasma Cutting Machine, is a Cutting Machine that continues to provide extensive and flexible solutions with low investment and operating advantages, in line with production lines and automation, improving accurate cutting quality. The EPL series will be the center of profit for your workshop with maintenance costs and minimum usage and has not lost its accuracy for many years. PT. United Machinery Sell Plasma Cutting Machine with many machines that we have. Often used in fabrication shops, automotive repair and restoration, industrial construction, and rescue and demolition operations. Because of its high speed and precision cutting combined with low costs, Plasma Cutting Machine sees wide use from large-scale industrial applications to small shops.We sell Plasma Cutting Machine with components:- Power Supply: Plasma power supply converts a single or three phase AC line voltage into a smooth and constant DC voltage ranging from 200 to 400VDC. This DC voltage is responsible for maintaining the plasma arc in all pieces. It also sets the current output required based on the type of material and thickness being processed.- Arc Starting Console: The ASC circuit produces an AC voltage of around 5,000 VAC at 2 MHz which produces a spark inside the plasma torch to make a plasma arc.- Plasma Torch: Function of a plasma torch to provide proper alignment and cooling of consumables. The main consumption components needed for the manufacture of plasma arcs are electrodes, swirl rings, and nozzles. Additional protective caps can be used to further improve the quality of the piece, and all parts are joined with the inner and outer retaining caps.
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