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Mesin Press 600 Ton Deep Drawing
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Specification of Mesin Press 600 Ton Deep Drawing

600 Deep Drawing Press Machine

As the name suggets, this press makes images inside like kitcheen tools and basel wheel barrow, boiler, cap, gas bottle (tube industry) ... etc. Emphasis image in Hydraulic can be produced up to 3000 Tons in various sizes. and is produced with many options as shown in the specification.

Standard equipment:
1. Chrome Plated Cylinder
2. Steel Welded Frame
3. Automatic Control Unit
4. Saferty cover and Light Barrier
5. Two Hand Button Control
6. Oil Pressure Gauge
7. Pressure Adjustment
8. T-Slotted Table
9. User Guide

Optional Equipment:
1. Tools
2. Ejector Cylinder
3. Speed Adjustment
4. Control NC

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