PT. United Machinery

Since its establishment at the end of 2010, thanks to God Almighty merit, PT. United Machinery has more than 5 years of trust from the principle and our loyal customers as consultants in the procurement of industrial machinery. With the development of this company then we have supplied hundreds of machines, especially Metal Sheet working machine, Metal Profile and Balancing. The machines we supply up to now have nothing to do either in terms of technical or in terms of capabilities as we have promised. Today, PT.United Machinery is the main supplier of Bending, Cut and Rolling Plat machines as well as various other industrial machinery needs. We design the integration of equipment with systems for industries covering the industries of caroseries, fabrication, boilers, mining, railroad, shipping, palm oil mills, general workshops, automotive repair, and packaging machinery, and others. In the course of its business, we not only supply the new machines. But we also provide service of old machines with problem from our customer. Where it is our support services to various customer needs. Many of the company's machine requests are built according to our customers' specific preferences, and PT.United Machinery specializes in developing new solutions to meet every new challenge required by our customers. Our company's capabilities are not limited to industries that can be displayed on this website but more than that. PT UNITED MACHINERY never promises beyond what is beyond our capabilities. Because the trust of all our partners both from principal and customer, is the main thing that we always keep and we hold tightly.

Jual Mesin Tekuk Pipa

PT. United Machinery Jual Mesin Tekuk Pipa yang digunakan di banyak industri, seperti industri furnitur, industri perangkat keras, industri pembuatan kapal, kendaraan transportasi dan industri petrokimia, pembangkit listrik dan rekayasa perpipaan, alat kelengkapan mobil (pipa minyak untuk rem, knalpot, kursi), sepeda motor, medis peralatan, sepeda, peralatan senam, dll. Harga Jual Mesin Tekuk Pipa yang kami hadirkan lebih bersahabat untuk segala kebutuhan Industri Anda.Pengalaman kami dalam Jual Mesin Tekuk Pipa sudah tidak perlu diragukan lagi dengan pelayanan yang maksimal.